Finance, HR and Planning

software - all in one.

Less work. More flow.

Today - without GetSet IBMS

Daily operations are burdened by outdated/ complicated accounting system, hidden costs and risks of spreadsheets, and processes that are taking a toll on employees, profitability, and competitiveness.

Tomorrow - with GetSet IBMS

One system of record and report. It helps to do the basics better. With GetSet IBMS your team can:

  • Simplify daily business tasks,

  • Streamline inefficient business processes, and

  • Standardize business operations.

You have a great team! Give them a management tool, GetSet IBMS. Results will flow.

Why our ​customers ​choose ​GetSet IBMS?

Work from remote

Help you to work from anywhere on any browser.

Real time reporting

Get all reports including management reports on real time.


You will not look for any other system to meet your growing needs.

Easy to use

85% of end users are reluctant to change from GetSet IBMS.

Less Cost

0% Capital Investment and 48% less Operating Cost.

Quick to deploy

Deploy across Divisions and Subsidiaries in as little as 3 Months, Not Years.