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About {GetSet}

We, a team of business and technology experts at GetSet, support our customers by applying our talents, expertise and insights - the strengths that make us stand out as IT solutions provider - to the unique apps that you have a desire and commitment to develop for your own use or for your clients.

We do this by teaming your high-flying young talent with GetSet’s consultants and taking them through an intense information requirement study process. In as little as 3 months, you will have an app to manage all your essential business processes.

We assist you in apps implementation, user training, long term support and maintenance of the apps co-created by you.

To do this we need to get your senior leadership on the same page. We will be drawing up to a dozen personnel from across your organization. And top management will play a key role in governance and oversight of the implementation process.

Finally, with the support of GetSet’s consultants the app is co-created by your own young leaders – giving them a sense of ownership, motivation and achievement.

Our Mission and Values

Our Mission is two fold:

to help our customers make substantive improvement in their performance through our simplified business technology solutions and build a socially responsible company that develops exceptional people.

​We believe we will be successful if our customers and our people are successful.

Our Values

  • Integrity

  • Partnership

  • Social Impact

  • Respect for the Individual

  • Excellence