03 Hire to Retire

​Many organizations believe that effectiveness of their current payroll practices could be considered as good. In reality, mismanagement, miscommunication, confusion, fraud and losses are common concerns of payroll processes in all sorts of organisations.

​GetSet IBMS offers Payroll software for the companies having employees of up to 5,000 and that works the way you want. You can even add HR Administration and Time & Attendance modules to Payroll solution. It also provides Employee Self Service that helps to bring managers and employees are on the same page and saves time.


  • Works on PC, Mac or iPad or Tab

  • Works on local network or on internet

  • Segregation of duties possible

  • Employee self service is available

  • Can send payslips or other reports through email that will save paper and other admin costs like distribution of payslips

  • Can send bank payment advices in the format of your bank

  • Can be integrated with any biometric system

  • Quick online support

​Do I need to buy Payroll software now?

If you say “yes” to any of these questions then you may consider to buy Payroll software or service from the right payroll provider.

  1. Is your payroll processing taking MORE time than required?

  2. Are figures in various payroll reports NOT in agreement with each other?

  3. Are you worried about the security features of your payroll package? Didn't you know that the payroll clerk has just ADDED his cousin to the payroll database? Or has he given an enormous increment to his earnings?

  4. Are you finding it DIFFICULT to track history of an employee such as his joined date, promotion and transfer history, salary increases, taxation, etc?

  5. Are you OFTEN getting feedback from employees that "My pay slip is INCORRECT!!!"?

  6. Are you NOT able to do IF-THEN scenarios to test the increase in Payroll Cost to Company (CTC)?

  7. Are you not able to custom design your Payroll Sheet, Pay Slips and even MIS?

  8. Are you having nightmares when it comes to computation of STATUTORY DUES for your employees?

  9. Didn’t you notice that already TERMINATED employees in the previous months are still there in the current month payroll?

  10. You don’t know how many times you have issued verbal warnings to an employee and for what type of DISCIPLINARY action.

HR Admin

Do the basics better - more accurately and efficiently at a less cost.

GetSet IBMS provides all the tools and HR administration functionality you need to manage employees on a day-to-day basis.

Features include:

  • Monthly, quarterly or yearly Performance Appraisal

  • Manager and Employee self service

  • Process starters, movers, promotions and leavers

  • Manage and track loans

  • Disciplinary management

  • Document management

  • Recruitment

  • Training

  • All necessary HR reports and analytics


GetSet IBMS makes payroll and payday is easier for everyone.

It is scalable and configurable any type of your payroll process.

Features include:

  • Multiple type of earnings - fixed, variable and pay for performance

  • Mid month advances, workers union fee and other type of deductions

  • Loan management and recover from monthly payroll

  • Calculate accurate payroll taxes and pension or medical fund deductions

  • Automated payroll reconciliation report

  • Supports bank payment advice in the required format of banks

  • Print all statutory reports including Provident Fund, Medical Insurance, Workmen Compensation, Salary Tax /PAYE, SDL, P9 and P10

Time & Attendance

GetSet IBMS's Time and Attendance module helps you to get accuracy in time-sheet data.

GetSet IBMS can be integrated with any hardware devices and can effectively manage all types of attendance systems like fingerprint biometric, swipe card, RFID devices.

Features include:

  • Set up Leave policies and Leave application's workflow

  • Visibility of employees who is on Leave by department

  • Input time manually or via time and attendance devices

  • Configure your time policies

  • Input or allocate time by projects or tasks

  • Real time alerts when scheduled employee doesn’t clock in on time

  • Real time alerts when employees approach overtime or go beyond desired hours

  • Real time alerts when an unscheduled employee clocks in

  • Exceptions reporting of absence, missed clocking treatments

  • Trend reports and analytics

For more information on our Hire to Retire application module in GetSet IBMS get in touch with our consultant who can explain you how it works for your enterprise and show value for your money.