07 Task Management

GetSet IBMS lets you work more collaboratively and get more done. Track team’s progress and get notifications on task. Team cohesion is pivotal for project success.

Task Calendar

Tasks can be added to departmental calendar that helps to see the tasks which are on Open, Assigned and Finished with color codes.


Attach comments to all tasks. These can be temporary review notes, onetime comments, or recurring text that carries forward to future tasks. With task comments, the team is up to date with information and has clarity on next steps.


Do away with paper. Upload supporting documentation of the Task to GetSet IBMS centralized document repository.

Actual Completion Time

GetSet IBMS allows you to enter time taken for each and every task. Management can compare the actual completion time to the expected completion time to determine where resources can be best allocated.

Task Hierarchic

GetSet IBMS allows you to create hierarchical parent/sub-task relationships and gives you the ability to carefully structure the tasks to be done.

Recurring Tasks

GetSet IBMS allows you to create tasks automatically which are recurring by time or meter readings that helps not to miss any due dates.

For more information on our Task Management application module in GetSet IBMS get in touch with our consultant who can explain you how it works for your enterprise and show value for your money.